Available Menu Bar Items:

Home is the web entry point.

Data is the data table of all active and archived missions.

Help is this page.

Data Menu

This is a table of all active (green) and archived (blue) missions. Click on the 'mission_id' column to select a specific mission, resulting in a mission plot page to be displayed.
The Plot-Page is comprised of:
Top-bar allowing buffered images to be retrieved for quick-plotting.
Main plot area, displaying the results.

Top Bar provides quick access to buffered images.
For active Sprays, buffered images of the last fifty dives are automatically updated if there is new data available (checked every 5 minutes).

For some archived Sprays, buffered images are also available.

map button retrieves the Spray track mapped over the bathymetry and coast.

Track button retrieves the Spray track plus current vector estimates.

GetEng button gets the engineering plots.

GetSec button gets the buffered section plots.

Normal Monitoring involves selecting the s/n from the data table. This will bring up the buffered map, giving the overall progress, an orange '+' for the next waypoint, and the time-stamp of the last dive.

Click on the Track button to check it's progress over-the-ground, and the estimated ocean currents.
Click on the GetEng button and scroll through the engineering plots to check the health.
Click on the GetSec button and scroll through the section plots to ensure that all of the sensors are working properly. IF the Spray does not have a particular sensor, 'Sorry, No Plot Available' will be displayed.