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Underwater Glider Spray

Spray Data Products Available at: SprayData

This site plots data from archived and active Spray Missions (click on the 'DATA' menu to select a mission).

Spray is an underwater glider developed under ONR support by Scripps and Woods Hole scientists to provide a small long-range autonomous platform for long-term ocean measurements. The Spray is versatile because it is small enough to be deployed from small boats close to shore while still being able to carry a variety of sensors. Sprays generally operate for several months at a time. During these missions the glider collects data using it’s instruments, including CTD sensors (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth), fluorometers, ADPs (Acoustic Doppler Profiler), back scatter sensors, ISUS (Nitrate) units, altimeters and acoustic modems for communicating with subsurface moorings.

To learn more about the Spray, click on the sidebar link, 'About Spray.'